Friday, June 7, 2013

League of Legends;The Ancient Wars

It was late, but for the Noxusians it was the time to wake up, the Noxusians are the people of Noxus, and Noxus is a city in the League of Legends world, this world is filled by justice and peace, unless Noxus, which is the darkest spot in the League of Legends world, filled by murderers and mean,selfish people, which want the best for themselves, and not anyone else... A place where love was a crime, they were just staying together because the best for each one one of them, so they won't be fighting everyday on food or a place to stay.
Garen (Demacia's King)
Even the new king, Darius,which has recently became a king after murdering the last king by his own hands. Well, Darius was the most powerful person in Noxus, so nobody did a thing about him becoming a king.
No one cared actually, because even the old king was not such a brave king for his people, but he was a great father for his family, Katarina, the old king's daughter, loved her father, she was with him in every fight. She was his first assassin spy that sent her to do so many bloody crimes, one of them was killing Demacia's king, which was a very good king for the people of Demacia, that's why Demacia was one of  the most peaceful cities in the League, the Demacians loved their king, but they didn't fall for Noxus after the death of their beloved king. Because the king's son, Garen, rebuilt the city by making armies to fight against the
Noxusians, nor for revenge, but to set justice in the whole League. And Garen's sister, Lux, was sharing love with the people of Demacia, making them forget about the pain in their hearts for losing their king, when she herself was missing him the most.
Darius (Noxus's King)
Katarina, the one who murdered the old king of Demacia was like her father, everyone in Noxus knew Katarina as the deadliest girl, and the prettiest! Katarina had many sisters, but she wasn't like any of them, while her sisters were choosing their dresses and talking about their "Prince charming"s, Katarina was playing with her knives and blades.. That's why she was her daddy's girl. But her mother wasn't proud of that.
Katarina (The old king's daughter)
Darius, the king of Noxus, told his guards to tell everyone to meet him in the meeting room in his dark castle.Everyone went, including Katarina, she was still the king's assassin spy, so she had no chance to refuse, she couldn't stand looking or listening to Darius, who murdered her father, she hated him to death. and was waiting the chance for revenge, when everyone went into the meeting room, Darius started his speech; "We must not wait any longer, I got a message from Garen today and he wants to make a deal." The message said (Give up Noxus, Darius this is the best way, and we won't be killing anyone who lives in Noxus, you can live in peace, or you can choose to fight, and there will be blood everywhere, so many innocent people will die for no reason, that's not what I want, my aim is to set justice in the land of Noxus, and no one would die, hope you will choose the best for both of the cities, Demacia King -Garen) after reading the letter out loud, Darius ripped the paper apart and threw it away, which drew attention for the ones who were in the room, they knew Darius would never want peace in Noxus, because he was born this way, born to be an evil king for Noxus, actually everyone in Noxus was born this way, everyone only knew the word (bad) in every way, only a few weren't that evil, but they couldn't do anything about it, because they had no rights and Garen wanted to help those people who knew that there's freedom, but never felt it.... Darius didn't have any warriors like Garen, Garen's people fought for justice, and their hearts were fighting instead of their swords. But Darius's people didn't have that courage, they actually wanted the Demacians to come and save them from this hell.
So Darius couldn't count on them, but he had so many cruel murderers, the ones that were in the meeting room with him, every single one of them was a murderer with no mercy, so in that case Darius didn't really need an army of innocent people who don't know how to hold a sword. After a moment of silence, "We Will Fight!" said Darius, but Katarina rejected it right away "NO, we will NOT! We will all die for no reason, you can accept the deal and fight them when you have a chance, I know Garen and the Demacian people, I've been there, they're all honorable men and..", "ENOUGH!" Darius said angrily, "If you don't want to fight, you can die here like your father." Katarina replayed with fire in her eyes "I'M THE KING'S DAUGHTER, I'M THE ONE WHO GIVES THE ORDERS!" Draven, Darius's brother, was a careless man he commented with a yawn; "I've heard this story of the princess like ten thousand times.." Katarina took the blade from her pocket, aimed it at him and was ready to throw it, but Talon, the blade's shadow was a great assassin of Noxus, took the blade away from her and didn't let her do it. And he whispered in her ear; "Not a great place.. there are hundreds of witnesses in this room, I'm not telling you not to kill him, you can kill him if you want to I don't like him much neither, but not here." , Katarina calmed down a little.
Talon and Katarina in the meeting room
Everyone in Noxus knew how much Katarina hated The Blood Brothers, Darius and Draven, even if she did kill Draven, no one would do a thing about it because it was a lawless city..Only Darius might have revenged for his brother, but I don't think he would, because he was a selfish person, and even worse, a selfish King..
The Blood Brothers (Darius and Draven)
Darius rolled his eyes, "So, are there any other ''Katarina''s in this room?!" Said Darius, everyone in the room laughed at her, only Talon didn't, Talon was a mysterious and cold character, but he was  a noble friend
 for Katarina, protecting her since she was a child, Katarina wasn't with her mother and sisters the night that her father got murdered by Darius's hands, she saw it, and she never forgot that moment..She was 15, and didn't know what to do or where to go, she ran until she saw a light in the street, she sat under the light and started crying, yes, for the first time Katarina cried, and Talon was there standing by the wall in the dark, but Katarina didn't see him, she actually never knew that he was there that day, and she still doesn't know, and that's why Talon knows how much Katarina is in pain and struggling every time she sees one of The Blood Brothers, and he's also the one who makes the blades for her.
After Darius told the joke of Katarina, and made fun of her in front of everyone, Talon didn't do a thing, he was patient unlike Katarina, he knew how to do the right thing on the right time.
Swain, The Master Tactician is one of the murderers in Noxus, he had the ability to become a large crow, fearing everyone who sees him, he actually has a crow that eats the brain of the person that Swain kills.
"I'm ready to fight with you Darius, my bird is hungry.." Said Swain..
Morgana, The fallen angel, she had a sister, named Kayle, they were born angels, but Kayle became a good angel, but Morgana became a bad one..She was pretty sure that Kayle would help Demacia on The Ancient Wars, so she decided to go, to kill her own sister...Cassiopeia, The Serpent's embrace, is a half snake-woman, "I'd love to feed them my poison" said Cassiopeia with an evil laugh.
Draven, Darius's brother, has 2 Axes, which are always covered with blood but somehow his axes were clean at that time, he thought for a moment and said; "Hmm, my axes are clean, wow! I haven't killed anyone from a very long time..I need to kill some..I'm in!"
Everyone in the room agreed to fight, "We're leaving at midnight tonight, they will not expect us." said Darius.
Everyone left the room to get prepared for midnight, Katarina didn't feel good about this..But she had no chance, it was (Go or Die) for her, and she wasn't planning to die yet, she had a revenge mission left to be done.
Meanwhile in Demacia, Jarvan The Fourth, The Exemplar of Demacia, a very brave man of Demacia, thought that it would be a good idea to ask help from the other cities, he wanted to go and ask for help from Piltover, but Garen stopped him."We don't need help, if you go now they will think we are weak and we can't handle Darius and the Noxus military alone.." said Garen."We don't need help..We want help..The more we are, the less people dies." Replied Jarvan IV. Then he left Demacia and his journey started to Piltover.